With a nod and a wink, here is Contact Sync

Your contacts we keep
The address book too
This feature can sync the two
Change it here
We'll change it there
We'll keep them the same, everywhere

Most of the time there's nothing to do
Data is fresh and calls go through
But then there are cases
Things change in both places
And if they are different you get to choose
Which will win, and which will lose.

Here they are, side by side
Easy to look and then decide.
SalesMesh or Contacts, which is best?
You pick one and we do the rest
But if both are good this is a real test!

Some of this, some of that,
yes hat, no cat?
A mix of the two
Would sure be a nice view.

We can do that, yes we can
And you won't lose!
From the contacts pick one
From SalesMesh pick two
Who decides? You do, that's who.
This name with that face?
That email and this place?
You can pick them, yes you can:
we hope it makes you a fan.

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  1. How do you remove AppMesh from The Apple Calendar not individual contacts?

  2. Hi Wendy, can you email us at support@appme.sh? It'll be easier to help if we can get more context.