Here's one for you: now sync the calendar too!

Here is your day
For lunches you pay
To help get an okay
From the folks that have say

Starbucks in malls,
Meetings and calls,
Some deals end up sunny,
Some, sorry no money.

You work from your car
Desk, plane, or a bar
When this meeting is done
To the next one you run

A new stop in your day?
Client wants a delay?
No need to fret
We’ve got you all set

Your calendar items
In the palm of your hand
You see them in SalesMesh
Or other apps where you land

Now keep them in sync
So you don’t have to think.
In SalesMesh or outside
Your calendars are tied

Follow up from that lunch
Or plan a new call with Burt
All done on the go
Between lunch and dessert

Invite business contacts,
or not as you choose.
Include them right now,
or wait till there’s news.

You can also take notes
To recall when you’re back
Schedule follow-ups and tasks,
Keep the process on track

Now your cal is all tidy
Now your sales don’t halt
Time to go smash your goals
And count the cash in the vault