2.2 just for you

Share Sync and Swipe

Have others who care?
Feel the urge to share?
Want your boss to see
Who has been in your hair?
We have made a way
To show what you say

Meeting me later?
And you want to see 
Everything that has been
Between you and me?

We have a way now to do that
Yes we do
A way to see all
That has passed between two

Choose what to see
Then start to export
A PDF you will get
Like a magic report

Or send the details
To a good friend?
Make VCF files
Then AirDrop them or send

Connecting to Salesforce 
For the very first time?
Want to get your own data
But not all that's online?
We have something,
Oh yes we do.
It will make getting just your data
Easy for you.

New records get created
In apps separated
Wish they would sync
Without having to think?
Now we can do that
Yes we can too
Set default syncing
It's easy to do

Then there's another
that comes with no hype.
If you want to go back,
from the left edge you just swipe!