Features in SalesMesh 2.1

SalesMesh 2.1 Release

In 2.1, we released a number of great improvements to the SalesMesh app, as well as the usual small improvements.


The first and biggest help in getting organized is document attachments. This lets you attach a document to an item in SalesMesh - whether a quote for a deal, a presentation for a meeting, notes in an external program linked to a company, or a PDF connected to a person.

This uses iOS 8’s great document picker that lets you pick from iCloud or other apps that support it. Once you pick the document, it’s imported if it needs to be, and we keep a reference to it in SalesMesh. Then, whenever you open it, you’ll get the most recent version we can get - either the last time you were online, or right now if we can get to it.

It’s not just document repositories like Box and iCloud that are also supported - but apps like Notability, and scanning apps that let you turn a photo into a PDF.

In the first 3 images, we show how to select a document - in this case, from Box:

Then, we can see the document appear in Salesmesh:

Then if you tap on the document - either on the icon in the overview page, or the row in the list, you can see it, and push it to full screen if you need more real estate. You can also act on it from here, forwarding it to a contact or co-worker, or air-dropping it to your laptop.

Interactive Notifications

Another great innovation in iOS8 is interactive notifications - notifications with buttons that mean you don’t need to unlock your phone to take an action. We use these two ways:

  • If you have a meeting coming up where you are the organizer, we’ll let you postpone the meeting - later today or tomorrow
  • If you have a meeting just ending, you can set it to create a followup for that day, or the next. If you don’t get to these tasks, they’ll show up as overdue to remind you to take your actions, just like the rest of our tasks.

The iPhone 6 Plus and Touch ID

We were excited as everybody when the new iPhone 6 Plus was released with its larger display. To make sure everybody can really use it to its full extent, we allow AppMesh to use all its extra pixels - to show more lists, more data for more people, longer names, all the things that might be on the screen.

We also allow you to set up Touch ID to login to SalesMesh, once you’ve connected once. From then on, if ever you log out, re-install, you can get back in with just a touch of your finger.

salesforce.com import

We also changed the way salesforce.com import works to filter the rows. We got feedback that there was too much data shown in the salesforce import screen, and we wanted to make sure you can get your data faster. So now, if you can see more than 1000 records in an object in salesforce, you can filter then first by any of the salesforce.com fields, before you import them.

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