2.3 Scan a card and VIPs are starred

Typing's no fun
For me or for you
Typing's no fun
so what do I do?

I scan a card
for it to sync
and import contact info
in just a blink
It imports that info
from here to there
the same contact info
is now everywhere!

I also keep lists
of my VIPs.
Reaching out is now snappy
and they feel so happy.

Admins like fields
in salesforce they add
Too many boxes
they just make me mad
But now some are hidden
the ones I don't use
My forms are much cleaner
but hidden fields I won’t lose

I’m getting new leads
I’m getting new leads
but I just want more!
If I follow up
my commissions will grow
And now the app reminds me
Oh the places I’ll go!

I have a phone call
With a new lead called Spike
But how can I know
what things he would like?
Without missing a beat
I now see what they tweet
And connecting is easy
What a great treat!