2.4 Open the Door With Enriched Contacts and More!

With more customer info
to guide your sale
you'll know what to say
and always prevail
You have two John Smiths
or maybe three
we'll merge into one
so you'll be worry free.

Easier to use
in line with your flow
spend more time with prospects
oh, the places you'll go!

We're excited to share version 2.4. In this release, you'll find:

Improved Card Scanning
Now when you scan a business card, we automatically enhance the contact's profile so you don't have to scour the web for the information. With just an email and company name from the business card, we'll find relevant company stats, social media profiles, internet presence, location, demographic data and more from over 100 sources.
Remember that while that data takes up to an hour to retrieve, you can still add notes to the contact to remind you where you met them or the context of your conversation and the app reminds you to follow-up with the contact so that you'll never miss an opportunity.

Deduping of Contacts
Spend more time selling and less time with administrative tasks like contact clean-up! Now SalesMesh consolidates duplicate contacts based on email addresses and salesforce ids.

Importing of Contacts from iOS and salesforce
Some of you have told us that you want to keep your personal iOS contacts separate from your SalesMesh business contacts. You also don't want to import all your company contacts from salesforce to your personal SalesMesh app but, you want visibility into these two contact repositories in case you need to pull someone into SalesMesh.

Now you can!

If you search on a contact and they're not in SalesMesh but they are in your iOS or salesforce contacts, you'll see that in the search results and be given an option to import that person or company into SalesMesh. Note that you need to have allowed SalesMesh access to your iOS contacts when asked and/or be logged into salesforce in order to see those contacts in your search results.

Improvements to User Experience
We're always working to make SalesMesh more intuitive and easy to use. To that end, we've clarified the actions on list swipes making it more clear what happens if you swipe right or left.
We've also better organized the tool bar so you can more easily find what you're looking for.

As always, if you have feedback or questions, feel free to reach out: tom@appme.sh