Collaborative Selling is Now So Compelling!

Share from Salesmesh with anyone
a company or a deal before it is won
Share a contact, with one or two
make a change and they'll see it too.

Don't like a change that someone has made?
You can undo it, you need not be swayed.
Better settings so you can control
All you need to make your sales goal.



Welcome to SalesMesh version 3.0!

Introducing Collaboration

In this update of the app, we've added a feature to let you work they way you naturally would with your teammates, peers, management, and partners (or really anyone). Now you can share any company, person, or deal with another individual directly and if you're working together, keep that record synchronized.

Why is this important? Let's say you work frequently with several different business partners. Now you can share specific deals (along with the contacts, company and notes related to those deals) with the specific partners involved in each deal. This way you both see each others' updated notes and are kept abreast of the customer's needs as you both uncover them. Likewise, you can share contact or opportunity information with a manager, co-worker, friend or anyone that can help you close that deal.

As always with SalesMesh, you control who you share with, what you share, and whether the information stays synced. If you don't like the changes someone has made or you're no longer working together, you can undo changes or stop sharing at any time. You can share any record using the share icon at the top of that record.

New Packages

While SalesMesh continues to have a free version that's accessible to everyone, we've introduced new Professional and Rainmaker packages. Both packages are available with and without salesforce sync. Professional starts at $7.99/month and includes unlimited data backup and cross-device sync (between iPhone and iPad) in addition to priority support (and in the salesforce version, salesforce sync). Rainmaker starts at $18.99/month and includes all Professional features plus unlimited card scanning and collaboration.

Improved Settings

As we continue to add features, we want to make sure it's easy to find and configure settings related to these features. We've improved the organization and grouping of our Settings page to make it more intuitive. Know exactly where to change your account settings, how you connect to email, contacts, calendar or salesforce. You'll also find more information about our packages and our tutorial videos here anytime you need them.

As always, if you have feedback or questions, feel free to reach out: