The 25 Best Pieces of Sales Advice Ever

Sales advice is a gigantic industry if you consider the myriad books, pricey seminars, and endless stream of content dedicated to helping salespeople perform at their highest level. A bit of well-placed advice can stay with us forever and allow us to see things from a different perspective. We asked an audience of 145,000 salespeople for the best sales advice that they ever received. Here are the top 25 answers:

1) The best salespeople know how to listen. - Stephanie D'honda

2) Sales will either be the easiest low-paying job you ever have, or the hardest high-paying job you ever have. - Devan Little

3) You're in the people business, not the sales business. - Curtis Watkins

4) In negotiating, you have to get to give. If the customer is asking for a better deal, don't just give it to them because they've asked. You ask for something else from them in order to give what they're asking for. - Ashleigh Holmes

5) Sell a product that you're passionate about. - Jon Nasznic

6) Customers don't care how much you know, until they know how much you care. - Christian Castro

7) Don't get too high, and don't get too low. - Steve Donas

8) Know more about your competitor's products than they do. - Dweezie Mcfloppin

9) The worst thing a customer can say is "no." - Jazmyn Harold

10) Work hard today so that you can have what others won't tomorrow. - Emmanuel Delgado

11) Always hang out with the top 5% of sales staff and avoid negativity. - Ron Rodgers

12) Ask for the sale and then be quiet. The first one to speak loses. - Daniel Knight

13) Timid salespeople have skinny kids. - Adam Moore

14) Don't try to sell it. Help them own it instead. - Greg Rocklein

15) Sales is a contact sport, the more people you contact, the better you are. - Golden Groves

16) Never judge a book (or customer) by its cover. - Bobby Klatt

17) KISS: Keep It Simple Stupid - Sonny Comperchio

18) People buy people, the product is just a byproduct of the relationship. - Billy BK Keck

19) Sales is 90% listening and 10% speaking. - Patrick Coyle

20) It's not a sale until they've paid - Karen Chapman

21) You're never as good as your best days, and you're never as bad as your worst days. - Yageb Sivram

22) Every "no" you hear just brings you one step closer to a "yes." - Loren Saunders

23) When you're in the lead don't let up, and when you're behind don't give up. - Justin Moser

24) A sale is lost over a few words, not over a few dollars. - Mason Coons

25) Never do anything once for a client that you aren't willing to do again. - Scott D Frazier

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