Make a List and It Won't Get Missed

New in version three dot one
are lists to help you get work done.
Group some items, maybe four or five
And see your productivity come alive.

See your pipeline,
stage by stage.
The organized view 
makes it easy to gauge.
Do you need some leads
to make your goal?
SalesMesh can get you
on a roll.

New Features in SalesMesh 3.1

Figure 1: Creating a manual list


Have long lists of contacts or companies that you want to organize? Now SalesMesh makes filtering and grouping your contacts, agenda items, companies or deals easy with our powerful list capabilities. In each of the main tabs, you'll see a button to navigate to lists at the top left of the screen. We've started you off with several default lists but you can easily create your own. Use manual lists when you want to select specific items to add to a list (see Figure 1). Use smart lists when you want to create a dynamic set of filters and have any item that matches those filters added to a list.

Smart Lists and Filters

Figure 2: Creating a smart list

Smart Lists are 'smart' because they update automatically based on filters you create. You can create a filter on almost any field that exists in a record. For example, if you want to create a group of all your contacts that are VPs, you can create a filter for Job Titles that contain VP (see Figure 2). The people who fit that criteria today are added to that list and anyone you add in the future with the job title of VP will also be added to that same list. There are tons of filters to choose from including special ones like 'People With Upcoming Activities' or 'Open Deals With No Activities.' You can adjust the filters that define your list or filter a list without creating a new list as well. 

Pipeline View

Figure 3: Pipeline view
One of the most important lists is, of course, your pipeline. By default, this list shows all of your open opportunities grouped by stage and even shows number of deals and totals by stage and sum across the entire pipeline (see Figure 3). Change the way this list is ordered, sorted, and grouped, or add additional filters to make it your own. Want the average amount of deals at the bottom of the list instead of count and sum? You can do that by editing aggregates at the bottom of the listYou can even set any list as default (i.e. it's the list that shows up when you go to that section) in the menu under the ... button. Export lists to CSV, PDF or select a subset of deals to manipulate.

There are so many things you've told us you want to do with lists, we can't wait to see how you use them. 

We're always interested in your feedback so send us your thoughts, requests, and ideas: