5 Halloween Costumes Perfect for Sales Reps

Have you taken some punches but kept on fighting?
Halloween gives us an opportunity to dress up and have some fun in character. What's better than that?

If you're in sales and you haven't picked your costume yet, here are some "costumes for closers":

1) Boxer - A good boxer can take a punch and keep moving aggressively. The same can be said of good reps. A boxer has to dodge and overcome his or her opponent's jabs and hooks the same way a salesperson has to dodge and overcome objections. It's not a stretch for a rep to put on some shorts and gloves and climb into the ring. 

2) Genie - Like a genie in a bottle, salespeople have to grant people's wishes every single day. And just like the magical beings that appear after rubbing a lamp, sometimes salespeople are asked to grant the impossible. The best salespeople know how to make their customers feel like they are getting what they asked for so if you're in a customer meeting around Halloween, tell your customer you're just what they've been hoping for!

3) Psychiatrist - There are many in sales who believe that selling should come second to letting the client tell you all of their problems--which is basically what a psychiatrist does. If you're looking for an easy costume, take out a notepad, put on a pair of reading glasses, cross your legs and ask your prospect to lie down on that comfortable couch and tell you about what's been troubling her.

4) Private Investigator - Researching, prospecting, calling strangers, searching databases and directories, and using every trick in the book to find the person you're looking for. The job that detectives and private eyes do is also a typical day in the life of a sales rep. The only difference is that once a sales rep finds their intended target, they close them instead of following them or arresting them. So go ahead and dawn your best overcoat, hat and magnifying glass and tell your manager you're investigating the best prospect.

5) Famous Salesperson - The majority of sales reps are probably sick of dressing up in their work clothes everyday, but why not go out trick or treating as one of the well-known salespeople from the big screen: Jordan Belfort from Wolf of Wall Street, Ricky Roma from Glengarry Glen Ross, Gordon Gekko from the original Wall Street, Tommy from Tommy Boy, or if you're looking for a classic, Willy Loman from Death of a Salesman. Many people might not get it, but other salespeople probably will! 

Vidya is the head of marketing for AppMesh, the makers of SalesMesh. Prior to joining AppMesh, she worked for Salesforce. Her favorite sales movie is Tommy Boy.

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